About us

We teamed up in 2016, when our passion to programming connected us. We wanted to start a new project as a team to learn something.

When we suceeded in creating team we started our first project – Bomberman. At the begginig of 2016 holidays we had our game finished and lots of new experience gained after working together.

After experimenting with multiple technologies in December 2016 we started working on Project Nostradamus – HTML5 game. During the development of it, we have created another HTML5 game – Feed The Bob, which prototype was created during hackaton. We managed to finish Feed The Bob in a month

In the same time in February we started writing next game – Land-It! - using Unity, targeting mobile devices.

What are we doing?

Currently we are working on Project Nostradamus (Project Nostradamus on GitHub ) and Lunar Lander as well as on participating in hackatons and beeing speakers on various meetups.

Apart from this we have YouTube channel and blog where we publish tutorials and devlogs.

Our projects

Feed The Bob

Our first finished HTML5 game of which prototype was created in 8 hours on hackaton. Simple but addictive, from the beggining was supposed to teach about balanced diet.

The objective of the game is to keep Bob's indicators in green area as long as you can by feeding him with diversed products.

Play Feed The Bob


Our first attepmt in creating Android app. Land-It! project – classical but refereshed and made in our way game which goal is to get the rocket to specified target ommiting lots of obstacles... but also bonuses.

Land-It! on Google Play

Project Nostradamus

Survival horror placed in science-fiction realities. The player enters the form of a scientist sent to a station with which communication was lost, to recover results of the research that was conducted there. Game offeres gameplay focused on sneaking and station exploring.

Project Nostradamus on GitHub


Clone of iconic game Bomberman – first PiGames' game.

It follows only one and simple rule: blow another player to death!

To achive it you can destroy elements of environments as well as kick bombs.

Boomberman on itch.io (description in polish)


Kacper Pietrzak

He’s a JavaScript programmer but has written a few things in C++. He’s trying to do some YouTube on PiGames’ channel. Likes working with creative people with passion. Except programming he is passionate about running and physics. Hates boredom and in life is guided by the ”Work smart not hard” idea.

You can see his projects here

Bartek „bibixx” Legięć

Front-end developer to be. Does wonders in CSS, but also loves to write in JavaScript. When situation needs it can handle also PHP. Except programming he loves to design, take photos as well as record some videos. Italian cuisine lover.

You can see his projects here

Magda „Enna” Nowak

Scatterbrained preson in love with graphical art.

Currently hangs out with programmers. Haven't been abducted though. By hereself, no one made here to do so, shr started cooperating as an artist.

Besides sitting in front of computer free time likes spending with good book or playnig cards with friends.

Her part of internet designed for protfolio

Konrad „condzi” Kubacki

Have just finished middle school. In the future plans to be a game programmer and revolutionise market with innovative solutions.

Like eating pancakes and listening to Rock, Linkin Park in particular.

You can see his projects here

Michał „mvxxx”

Artificial inteligence lover. Fluent in C++, C# and R. In the future he wants to be a science programmer to contribute to computer science.

You can see his projects here

Kamil „zmienny” Roszak

He thinks that talent is an overrated word. With hard work you can achieve a lot. Curious about multiple technologies. Makes projects in i.a. C++ (sfml), C# (Unity), JS and a bit of PHP.

You can see his projects here

Marta „nowa” Chrostowska

After getting lost in a big world of programmers small girl went on a straight road thanks to creating websites. Currently you can even order a website from her.

Besides things connected with programming, she goes around and growls under her breath that sounds like demanding the return of football players with character, heart and skills of these from 90s.


What to get to know more about us and follow our current projects? Check us out on other pages!


Are you interested in one of our games and would like to cooperate with us? Write to us! We are willing to work, so if you would like to see one of our games on your page we are pleased to help you with that.

Or maybe you are designer or you are creating music? Or you love writting and would like to make some scripts? Write as well! No hands willing to work will be wasted here.


[email protected]